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Group Compliment

Yesterday, Joe Modglin, Director of Sales, received the following email from last weekend's Four States QRP Group. It reads as follows:

"Good Afternoon Joe,

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for outstanding service at our conference last weekend. 

Branson Hotel Theme Suite: Safari

Are you ready to pitch your tent in your own exclusive safari campsite, look out at the open star-studded skies of the desert, and explore the unique nature sanctuaries of the wild? Then come visit The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center and stay in our Safari theme suite. You'll enjoy your Branson getaway among some non-Branson wildlife. 

Four States QRP makes its way to Branson

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center will host the Four States QRP annual convention this weekend. Four States QRP is a group of people who are devoted to low power amateur radio building and operation. This will be the group's fourth year to have their conference at The Stone Castle, and we are very glad to host them. 

They will spend the weekend learning new techniques, enjoying a trade show, and fellowshipping. They have several classes planned throughout the weekend, as well as a dinner banquet and a time of bluegrass music. 

More exciting updates to this Branson hotel!

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center has been undergoing several updates throughout the winter. Both indoor pools and hot tubs have been completed renovated, tile has been laid in the lobby areas of the main building, and the pond/waterfall area has been spruced up for spring. But, that's not all.

Yesterday, The Stone Castle received 52 mini refrigerators for standard rooms. This is enough refrigerators for two floors of The Stone Castle. More will come, but The Stone Castle is excited for this start. 

Branson Hotel Theme Suite: Presidential Suites

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center has 37 theme suites throughout its property. Two of these suites are Presidential Suites, The Cabinet and The Oval Office. These two suites are identical in layout, design and decor. The Presidential Suites feature a pillow-top king poster bed, seating area, castle turret look-out, walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub.

Young Christians' Weekend at The Stone Castle

Branson and The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center welcomes Young Christians' Weekend beginning today and taking place at Silver Dollar City. Branson will welcome hundreds of youth groups from around the country for this annual event. The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is happy to welcome eighteen of these youth groups. Students and chaperones will begin arriving this afternoon to attend a concert tonight. Tomorrow will be filled with roller coasters, worship services, and powerful speakers.

Indoor Pools Renovated

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center has two indoor pools and hot tubs. Both of these have recently had a major facelift. As you can see from the picture to the left, both of the indoor pools and hot tubs have been completely renovated. Each layer of paint was painstakingly removed from the walls, the pool, and the decking.

The end result speaks for itself. Not only are the pools more inviting, but the look is fresh and clean.

Branson Hotel Welcomes Ladies Conference

This weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center will host a local church's ladies retreat. The church will use one of the seven meeting rooms on the property, and spend all night Friday for a nice weekend getaway. 

Rachael James, sales and catering manager, just spoke to the group leader. When Rachael asked the group leader if she needed anything, the leader replied, "Your staff is wonderful. Everyone has been so helpful. This is the place where our business will come."

Bring your Spring Break to Branson

Today marks the beginning of Spring Break for many around the country. If you are not sure what to do for spring break, why not come to Branson? This week's temperatures will see close to eighty degrees which makes for a great way to kick off your spring! Many Branson shows and attractions are open for business and are ready to show you a great spring break.


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