19th Hole

‘Life is so simple… Eat, sleep, play golf!’ Take time to rejuvenate in our 19th Hole with a wraparound golf course mural, pillow-top king size bed and soothing jetted tub.

20,000 Leagues Room

Dive into our awesome underwater adventure and explore the wonders of the ocean!

Aspen Room

Nestle in a cozy ski lodge overlooking the grand Rocky Mountains within the isolated stillness of aspen and birch trees.

Camelot Room

Experience old world charm in Camelot, the legendary castle and court of King Author’s realm!

Captain’s Quarters Room with Balcony

Sail the seven seas on an adventuresome nautical voyage as captain of the ship!

Native America Room with Balcony

Absorb the rich, beautiful, and storied culture of Native America in this fascinating room.


Launch into the vast silence of outer space and tranquilly slumber among stars, moons, comets, meteors, planets, and galaxies!

Outback Room

G’Day and welcome to the unspoiled beauty, wide horizons, and bright blue skies of the spectacular Australian Outback!

Safari Room

Prepare for an exciting adventure surrounded by your own private safari campsite!

Sherlock Holmes Room

A detective’s job is never done but even the famous mastermind, Sherlock Holmes, and his devoted friend and associate, Dr. Watson, must rest from their intriguing criminal cases!