Jacuzzi Rooms & Jacuzzi Suites

No need to travel to faraway places when you book your stay with us! The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center™ can take you to distant lands or earlier times, fun events or even outer space when you reserve one of our 37 themed Jacuzzi room and suites.

What are the differences between a Jacuzzi Room and a Jacuzzi Suite? - The size of the room.  Both have Jetted tubs of varying sizes and colors and refrigerators/microwave units and flat screen TV's are standard.

Jacuzzi Rooms are approximately 250 sq. feet in size with the Jetted tub inside the room near the bed; the vanity sink is also inside the bedroom, separate from the bathroom.  

Jacuzzi Suites are approximatley 400 sq. feet in size with varying descriptions- some of the bathrooms and vanities are separate from the bedroom, others are in the same room as the bed. Some even have a hide- a-bed couch and recliner in the room.


Imagine being nestled in the ski lodge overlooking the Colorado mountains within the isolated stillness of the Aspens and white bark of the birch trees!

The Aspen features a calming mountain scene mural, pillow-top king bed and Jacuzzi.

New York, New York! Surround yourselves with scenic views of the Big Apple including the Statue of Liberty and King Kong towering over the Empire State Building.

The Big Apple features a pillow-top king bed and Jacuzzi.

“After all…..tomorrow is another day!” In the spectacular and grand elegance of the antebellum South, just imagine Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in their timeless story of love and survival. Gone With the Wind could arguably be the most ambitious piece of epic filmmaking in cinematic history.

Our Gone With the Wind suite features a mural depicting the famous couple, pillow-top king bed, and four-person Jacuzzi tub.

King Jacuzzi Suite Bed

This Jacuzzi room features an oversized jetted tub for two people located next to a king pillow top mattress. There is no mural in this paticular room.  Room includes a 32” flat screen TV with 68 channels to choose from and complimentary WIFI.  This Jacuzzi King Room (240 sq. ft.) is located on the third floor equipped with elevators.

Who are your favorite major league heroes? Babe Ruth! Mickey Mantle!

Our Major League Legends room features a colorful mural depicting players of distinction, pillow-top queen bed, balcony, and Jacuzzi.

Escape to the wild freedom of the plains with vast grasslands stretching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains.

The Native American theme room features pillow-top king bed, balcony and Jacuzzi.

Ahoy Matey! Will you be able to find the treasure?

The Pirates room is definitely a captain's quarters, featuring a pillow-top king wooden ship bed, colorful “walking the plank” mural, balcony and Jacuzzi. 

Here ye! Here ye! The king and queen are in residence at The Stone Castle and happy to share their chambers with you.

You are always safe inside the heart of the castle fortress where royal secrets, maps and treasure vault are kept!

Royal Chambers features a castle wall mural, pillow-top king bed, and oversized Jacuzzi.

Are you ready to pitch your tent in your own exclusive safari campsite, look out at the open star-studded skies of the desert, and explore the unique nature sanctuaries of the wild?

The Safari features a jungle mural, pillow-top king bed and Jacuzzi.

A detective’s job is never done but rest is needed even for the famous characters of Sherlock Homes and his partner, Watson!

Sherlock Holmes theme room features a pillow-top king bed and corner Jacuzzi.