Branson Hotel Theme Suite: Fiesta!

There is always an excuse for a celebration in Mexico. Place yourself across the border, find your rhythm and dance the night away. 

The Fiesta theme room features a pillow-top king bed, and Jacuzzi tub in a room decorated in warm adobe colors.

Mexican Hat Dance --The hat dance was originally a form of dance wherein the man tries to court the woman in a very fashionable way. The male tries to impress the female with his tapping and stamping which is a way of showing his machismo, glory and love. The man throws his hat on the ground and as the woman stoops to pick it up the man kicks his leg over her head showing that now he has conquered her. Then both of them dance together to show that they are one and ultimately they hide their faces behind the hat to feign that they are kissing and thus the dance ends with applauds and cheers.

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