Branson Still Alive Despite Tornado

The drive into work this morning was quite different than any other morning drive. Instead of driving by and seeing everything as usual, a work crew was picking up the yield sign that usually directs my morning route. Roofs of businesses and sides of buildings are completely gone. Though signs of the tornado will remain for days to come, the difference between pictures taken yesterday and today show that recovery is happening quickly. Very quickly.

According to, the official webpage of the Branson/Lakes Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, there are nine lodging properties that are closed, pending repairs. There are four theaters that are closed pending repairs, and various restaurants and other businesses/attractions that are closed until further notice. Despite the great loss to these select businesses, much of Branson is continuing with business as usual. 

Our hearts and prayers are with the business owners and home owners who are currently devastated by this tragedy. However, Branson is a great town and will fight to keep the tourism business alive. Not coming to Branson because of the storms would not benefit the town whatsoever. Branson greatly needs your support; whether that be prayers, monetary donations, or simply keeping your current plans to visit Branson. 

Thankfully, The Stone Castle sustained no damage. The hotel lost power yesterday, but today is open for business. In order to encourage the tourism industry to stay strong in Branson, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center will provide a discounted rate for those who call to make a reservation and mention "Branson's Spring Fling." The special rate that we will honor, based upon availability, is $59.99 + tax per night now through May 31, 2012.

To make a reservation, call our friendly front desk staff at 800-677-6906 or 417-335-4700.

Branson hopes to see you soon!

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