Day Trippin'

Sometimes it's just nice to hit the road for a day, knowing that your comfortable bed awaits you back at the Stone Castle Hotel. We too love exploring the areas around the Castle and thought we share some ideas and favorite places with you.

So on a warm summer day we headed south, for less than a two hour drive from the Castle is the War Eagle Mill, ,dating from the early 1830's when the newly married Sylvanus and Catherine Blackburn, still in their teens, decided they needed a place of their own. They moved from  Tennessee to northern Arkansas and over the succeeding years built a thriving business and a popular gathering place on the War Eagle Creek.

Although the original Mill isn't still standing -- it was flooded out, burned down twice, and finally rebuilt from blueprints of the third iteration -- portions of their original homestead are still in use today. The mill, the only working mill in Arkansas,  has a working replica of the original undershot water wheel.

We  also found it fascinating to see antique tools and clothes collected from earlier times, as well touring the mill that most likely is very similar to what our early American ancestors used centuries ago. And of course there is that famous cornbread and beans -- who can resist?

The creek itself was a lovely respite from the afternoon heat and we had to tear ourselves away for the drive back to Branson.

New time, we'll go home 'the back way' and make a complete loop from the Castle to the Mill, through Rogers and visit the Pea Ridge National Military Park, site of the Battle of Pea Ridge, March 7th and 8th, 1862. 

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