Progress Update

The Stone Castle Hotel has kept busy this winter with several projects going on to update and freshen up the interior of the hotel. These projects have included a brand new spa in our B building (see picture), painting rooms, ceilings and hallways, ordering new electronic key locks for all of our rooms, renumbering our rooms, preparing to order new room number placards, and more! This has been quite an exciting winter and Stone Castle is looking forward to a wonderful 2013 season! 

The season has already started at Stone Castle as it hosted a singles retreat and youth conference last weekend, and prepares for a marriage retreat, seminar, quilting retreat, and a training meeting this weekend- whew! 

If you have been thinking about coming to Branson this year, whether that be bringing your family, a church group, family reunion, etc., this is the year to say "Yes!" to Branson. It will be a great year and Stone Castle and its staff are very much looking forward to seeing many new faces and welcoming back repeat guests.

Can't wait to see you this year at Stone Castle!

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