Stone Castle Compliment from Recent Group Leader

This past weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center had the pleasure of hosting a local young women's retreat. The group leader sent the following email to The Stone Castle's Sales & Catering Manager, Rachael James:

"Dear Rachael ~

Thank you for your email.  We had an awesome weekend and much of it was due to Stone Castle Inn.  Your facilities were perfect for the set up and dynamics of our group; your staff was so helpful and had great attitudes (more about that later); and I really enjoyed your attention to detail, your hospitality and your professionalism towards us. 

Two people that I want to mention by name who were extremely wonderful were:  T.J. in maintenance and Maryann in the Breakfast room.  T.J. helped us out a few times by:  obtaining things like an extension cord and a pair of plyers; opening the Excalibur room and locking up again (in a very timely fashion); helping us with the unusual task of opening our helium tank so that we could continue filling our balloons.  Always he performed these tasks with a smile and a great attitude of service.  He graciously accepted our thanks, but nothing else.  He did his job well and is a great reflection of the Stone Castle Inn.

Another beautiful reflection of the SCI is Maryann, who was in charge of breakfast.  Both days she greeted the guests with her sweet, "down home" personality.  She made us feel like we were in her home and she was there to take care of our every need.  Her interaction with all the guests was refreshing to see and I was amazed to learn that there had been a problem with a shortage of food based on waiting for a delivery truck.  She was so "on top of the situation" that we never missed a beat!  To be under that kind of stress, especially with that many guests at one time, you would think that she could have been "all business" when it came to doing her duties.  But, she handled the situation perfectly and with such finesse!

We truly had an amazing time!  Thank you for all you did to make sure we had everything we needed.  Thank you also for your patience when it came our rooming list changes.  It was a wonderful experience and I do hope to be welcome to use your hotel again in the future.  Please feel free to use my letter in part or whole to let other guests know that Stone Castle Inn is one of the BEST places to stay in Branson ~ whether it's an event for a large group or just an intimate getaway ~ WE LOVE STONE CASTLE!"



Event Director

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