Thrills and Chills ... It's Summer Fun in Branson!

Waterwater Plunge Summer Fun in Branson

We know that after a year in school, it's time to burn off some energy, and this week we have some of the latest and greatest rides in Branson for you to try!

Believe me when I tell you, these aren't for the faint of heart ... or stomach! But if you love being plunged, plummeted and precariously perched, these rides are for you (not me, but that's another story. )

Well, if we talk the talk we have to walk the walk. First up, several of us decided to attempt Silver Dollar City's Outlaw Run®, named the Best New Ride Worldwide in 2013. Having already ridden other coasters there, we thought we were up for the newest, second fastest coaster in the world that twists upside down three times during the run! As we wobbled off the ride we realized that enjoyable terror has a new name!

Not enough for you? Then try WildFire®, PowderKeg® and The GIANT Barn Swing! They will certainly provide you with enough thrills to last a day or two! So, are you up for the challenge or should we just be adults and let the kids have all the fun?

Want to cool down -- way, way down? White Water's new KaPau Plummet (say it out loud for the full effect!) has two 240 foot slides that start with a drop into a 70' foot plunge, then send you into a spiraling loop before you splash down at the bottom! This will really get your heart and throat on a more than nodding acquaintance, but in the end, it's really cool!

O.K. Some of us are less of the thrill seeker than others, so if you prefer to view the water rather than plunge into it, head down to the south end of the Branson Landing where you can fly across Lake Taneycomo on Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline. Hey, it's just a gentle slope, you are sitting in a ski-lift type chair, what's to be afraid of?

Thank goodness for the two indoor pools and hot tubs at the Stone Castle! After doing all this, they will be sorely needed!


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