We're So Glad You Noticed

New linens in all rooms

All of us at the Branson Stone Castle Hotel work hard to meet and, we hope, exceed your expectations! Behind the scenes we are continually working to improve the quality and value of your stay with us. We know things can go awry in any property, and we know the best we can do is to respond quickly and fix any problem that happens to directly affect you.

We are also continuing to upgrade our property, both indoors and outside, to make each time you stay here better than before. And honestly, we really don't expect anyone but us to pay close attention, but when you do take the time to notice it makes everyone here feel a bit more appreciated.

To that end, we recently saw this wonderful online comment from Sheila when she visited us in April:

"I've stayed at Stone Castle before but found my last stay to be even better than before. I think it was due to the newer Heating and Air unit that was in my room. Was very comfortable."

Thank you, Sheila, and thank you all for continuing to notice and yes, keep us on our toes!




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