The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center has two indoor pools and hot tubs. Both of these have recently had a major facelift. As you can see from the picture to the left, both of the indoor pools and hot tubs have been completely renovated. Each layer of paint was painstakingly removed from the walls, the pool, and the decking.

The end result speaks for itself. Not only are the pools more inviting, but the look is fresh and clean.

To experience these newly renovated pools and hot tubs, call now to make your reservation at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center...

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center has been named a top ten seller on two leading online booking engines. and are two of the world's largest online booking engines who both sell room nights for The Stone Castle. For the past two week's bookings, The Stone Castle has been named a top ten producer for both and 

What an accomplishment it is for The Stone Castle to be named a top producer out of the many thousand lodging units in Branson. Congratulations, Stone Castle!

The following letter was received on behalf of a tour operator based in Florida. He brought two busloads of students from San Antonio, Texas, last week. The group stayed for three nights and enjoyed shows, meals, and their time in Branson. Rachael James, Sales & Catering Manager for The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center, received the following email from the tour operator:


This weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center will host a local church's ladies retreat. The church will use one of the seven meeting rooms on the property, and spend all night Friday for a nice weekend getaway. 

Rachael James, sales and catering manager, just spoke to the group leader. When Rachael asked the group leader if she needed anything, the leader replied, "Your staff is wonderful. Everyone has been so helpful. This is the place where our business will come."

This past weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center had the pleasure of hosting a local young women's retreat. The group leader sent the following email to The Stone Castle's Sales & Catering Manager, Rachael James:

"Dear Rachael ~


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