Today marks the beginning of Spring Break for many around the country. If you are not sure what to do for spring break, why not come to Branson? This week's temperatures will see close to eighty degrees which makes for a great way to kick off your spring! Many Branson shows and attractions are open for business and are ready to show you a great spring break.

This has been a very busy week for all of Branson as the NAIA Division II Men's Basketball Championship began Wednesday night. Thursday night began the Branson Victory Campaign featuring Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

Last week saw a major facelift at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center. The entire parking lot in front of each of the three buildings that make up this property have been resealed and the parking spaces have been remarked. What a major difference this makes! The resealing gives the property the pop that has been needed. 

Not only does the new parking lot look increase the aesthetics of the property, but when the staff repainted the parking spaces, they designated specific areas for motor coaches to allow them easier access in and out of the parking lot. 

Come by...

The drive into work this morning was quite different than any other morning drive. Instead of driving by and seeing everything as usual, a work crew was picking up the yield sign that usually directs my morning route. Roofs of businesses and sides of buildings are completely gone. Though signs of the tornado will remain for days to come, the difference between pictures taken yesterday and today show that recovery is happening quickly. Very quickly.

Two members from the Group Sales Office at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center are headed to Little Rock Tuesday for Branson Bound for Your Town. This is an event where members from the Branson community put together a trade show sponsored by the Branson/Lakes Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. The event will feature Branson's finest; from shows and entertainment to hotels and various lodging, Branson's greatest companies will be represented.


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