Early this morning, Branson and the surrounding Ozarks areas began receiving snow. When local residents headed to work this morning, they were greeted with snow-laden streets. Thankfully there was snow and no ice this morning. However, Branson and area schools were closed today. It snowed steadily until approximately 11:30 this morning, then tapered off with sleet that lasted until 1 o'clock this afternoon. Currently there is no precipitation, but a wintry mix is expected later tonight.

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center still has a limited number of reservations for the ice carving event being held this weekend at the Titanic Museum Attraction. The Titanic Museum Attraction's parking lot will be the site of the National Ice Carving Association's champion Ice Carvers who will create works of art out of large chunks of ice. The event is Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 9 am. This event promises to host up to 20,000 guests to Branson. Call NOW to book your room, while they're still available. 

To make a reservation, call 800-677-6906 or 417-335-4700. ...

You may want to bring your own Robin Hood as you travel through the forest to a medieval encampment complete with jesters, musicians, and fire eaters.

Friday, January 27, 2012, marked the completion of Phase 1 of The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center's new tile floor in the main lobbies. The tile that was completed Friday is in the secondary lobby area in front of the elevators in Building C. As you can see from the pictures, our very talented maintenance crew did an outstanding job on laying the tile. 

This weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center will not only host a marriage conference, but also a scrapbooking retreat. This is one of several retreats that are held throughout the year where women from all over the country gather to spend time together and scrapbook. From morning to late in the evening, these women can be found cutting, trimming, and pasting their pictures in a creative way.


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