The Stone Castle has two presidential suites, The Cabinet and The Oval Office. They are on two different floors of Building C, but are exactly the same. If you stay in one of these two suites, you'll be treating yourself to the regal and luxurious accommodations of one of our “best rooms in the house.”

There is always an excuse for a celebration in Mexico. Place yourself across the border, find your rhythm and dance the night away. 

The Fiesta theme room features a pillow-top king bed, and Jacuzzi tub in a room decorated in warm adobe colors.

This is an exclusive behind the scenes look in pictures at the latest commercial shot for The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center. The commercial was shot for a large motorcoach convention happening in January in the DFW area. 

Now for the pictures...

Joe, Director of Sales, as the Knight in Shining Armor.

Sink into our underwater adventure in our very own under the sea adventure. 

“Who can fathom the depths of the abyss – Ecclesiastes?”


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