The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center was proud to be a part of two events during Branson's Veterans Week. Stone Castle hosted the Women Veteran's rose petal ceremony and luncheon on Friday, November 9. This event brought approximately 40 women veterans to The Stone Castle Hotel. These ladies were able to hear Major General (Retired) Rita Aragon, veteran and award-winning author Merline Lovelace, and Missouri's Women Veterans Coordinator Amy Bennett speak at the event. Later that day, the Korean War mini reunion was held at Stone Castle as well.

To all of our country's veterans and active duty military personnel and families, The Stone Castle Hotel staff extends a warm "Thank You" for your sacrifice. As we celebrate Veteran's Day Sunday and throughout this Branson Veteran's Week, we are reminded of your sacrifice and the freedoms that  you have defended and are still defending today. Thank you.

At The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center,  many military reunions are hosted on our property. It is such a joy and honor to host these reunions and experience being with large groups of veterans reminiscing about their...

New Year's Eve is right around the corner... do you have plans yet? If not, we have an awesome deal for you. The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is proud to announce that it has teamed with the White House Theater to present Branson's best New Year's Eve show. The show will take place at The White House Theater and feature Paul Harris and The Cleverly's (if you've never seen this show, click here for Paul Harris and here for The Cleverly's). 

Relax in oriental countryside filled with green meadows, babbling brooks, and exotic birds and trees.

The Geisha House features a colorful oriental mural and paper screen, pillow-top queen bed and Jacuzzi tub for two.

On Guard! Camelot was the majestic court of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere where they hosted tournaments and feasts. Be warned--King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, is kept in the rock for safekeeping and must not be removed!


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