Barry Williams Welcomes Military Reunion

On Saturday, June 2, the Marine Corps League of Southwest Missouri gathered at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center for a meeting. There to meet the group was Barry Williams who is also known as Greg Brady of the famed 70s television series "The Brady Bunch." When the Marine Corps' group leader asked The Stone Castle for a Branson representative to greet the group on Saturday morning, Mr. Williams rose to the occasion and was able to deliver a warm Branson welcome to the group. 

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is grateful to Mr. Barry Williams for rising to the occasion to welcome this wonderful group of veterans. Barry Williams is currently performing a show aptly titled "Lunch with the Brady Bunch" at Yakov Smirnoff's theater. This show comes with a free, delicious lunch and features Barry and a look alike cast of the Brady bunch. Audiences enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with Barry as he tells behind-the-scenes stories, shares photographs, and answers questions guests have about "growing up Brady."

Thank you, Barry Williams, for welcoming the Marine Corps League to Branson and to The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center. 

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