Employee Spotlight: Irma Toles, Front Desk Manager

For The Stone Castle Hotel, the very first impression most guests receive is that of the front desk clerks. First impressions are vital in the hospitality industry; it is the first impression that can sometimes make or break a guest's hotel stay. That is why the front desk manager, Irma Toles, not only trains the front desk in various procedures, but also in customer service.

"I train the front desk clerks not only to process reservations, check-in and check-out guests, but to give the upmost service that will make a guest [feel] welcome and return," said Irma. She adds that her favorite part about working at The Stone Castle Hotel is "to hear the guest say that they enjoyed their stay and plan to return."

Irma says that by training "the front desk staff to do their work properly and [in a] friendly [manner]" is one way to ensure guests enjoy their hotel stay.

Irma has a staff of seven front desk clerks which makes up a staff that is at the desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of her front desk clerks has been an employee of the hotel for more than 14 years.

Holly Hampton, one of Irma's front desk clerks, said that Irma is "very organized and knows her business. I can talk to her about anything and not feel intimidated. She is a great manager."

Adds Kelsey Pettit, front desk clerk, "Irma is very easygoing, understanding and fun to be around as a boss."

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is fortunate to have Irma as its Front Desk Manager. Irma is a very knowledgeable, fun, and helpful manager and employee. She is a vital part of everyday operations at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center. Thank you, Irma, for the hours and hard work that you put into managing the front desk.


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