Employee Spotlight: Marlene, Groups Coordinator

The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is made up of many wonderful employees. There are various positions which are vital to the successful operation of the property. From the housekeepers to the front desk clerks, the maintenance men and the management team, each person plays a vital role.

One of these vital roles is the that of Group Coordinator. The Stone Castle's Group Coordinator is Marlene Caldwell; wife, mother, and very hard worker.

Marlene, Tom, D'Anna, Dakota and Ashley Caldwell

Marlene has been an employee of this hotel since 2006. She began her time here by working at the front desk but eventually migrated back to the Group Sales Department. She began her group work by inputting rooming lists. However, now she does all of the behind the scenes work for the Department, including group billing, putting together contracts, maintaining constant contact with groups, and many other tasks.

She is the "glue" that holds our office together, according to Joe Modglin, Sales Director.

"Marlene Caldwell is an amazing part of our staff. She is always positive and cheerful. Without her we could not fully operate. She is our "glue" that holds us together," said Joe Modglin in a statement.

Adds Rachael James, Sales & Catering Manager, "Marlene is a wonderful example of what it means to have a passion for your work. She takes owndership of our property and it shows. It shows in her work ethic greatly, which rubs off on those of us in the office. She's an example employee and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her."

As you can tell, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center is blessed to have Marlene Caldwell as part of its team. However, Marlene is not the only employee who does an awesome job. This hotel is fiiled with wonderful employees, which is a reason as to its success.

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