Exciting Changes to our Breakfast Menu

The Stone Castle's hot breakfast buffet is currently being revamped. Not only do we have homemade biscuits delivered each morning, but we also have real scrambled eggs (no powdered stuff here), biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage patties, pancakes, cold cereals, and toast available each day of the week for guests to enjoy.

However, for those guests staying with us for more than a few days, we are now switching out some of the menu items. Every three days we will trade out between French toast and pancakes. We are also adding an extra option for scrambled eggs by adding diced ham and light cheese to the eggs to make a delicious buffet option. Peaches are also a new option being added to our breakfast. 

We also have hired a lovely breakfast attendant, Mary Ann, who helps with the setup and cleanup of breakfast. Mary Ann also enjoys talking to guests during breakfast and making sure they are having a wonderful stay. 

We have already received many wonderful comments about the changes in breakfast, some of which include the following:

"Breakfast great; the attendant was terrific." Bob and Clarice

"We had a wonderful, friendly, and happy cook- worked hard every minute." Boyd and Joyce

"Mary Ann is great; good to see her smiling face every morning." Ed

"Excellent program, fine facility, good time." William and Pat

"Food was very good and there was enough of it always." Anonymous

"The breakfast crew does an excellent job. Mary Ann very good worker and very pleasant." Joseph

"Everything was excellent. The service was great, the breakfast room was very nice, the people were very friendly and worked hard to make people comfortable." Dolly

"Breakfast was well done. The help was top notch, made our breakfast very pleasant." Palumeo

"All the workers were great. We want to come back." Karen

We hope you'll come stay with us so that you can experience not only a wonderful night's sleep on our property, but also a delicious breakfast.

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