Gearing up for a busy weekend.

We are gearing up for a very busy weekend here at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center. We have square dancers, retired military personnel, and bus groups on our property. Amidst the dancing, fellowship, and shopping that will be taking place, we also have many individual travelers at our hotel. We are almost a full house this weekend and we could not be happier!

This is the second time this year that the square dance group has danced through our Stonehenge room. With fun events such as group dances and a pizza party, they can't help but enjoy their stay. Some of the group members come in a few days early to install their dance floor, setup a 'general store' where guests can purchase clothing items, and to prepare for the arrival of the many square dancers. They have a dance-filled weekend and we are thankful they choose to stay with us.

We have many military groups that stay at our hotel and enjoy their fellowships in one of our seven conference rooms. They will sit and laugh, share stories of days gone by, and look to the future. They are always such a joy to host at our hotel and we are honored when veteran groups stay with us. We look forward to each military reunion because it gives us as a hotel the opportunity to serve them. In no way could we ever repay what each of them has done for us, but we want to serve them to our very best ability while they are in our care at our hotel. 

The fall brings our very busy bus season. As the weather changes and cools down, we welcome sometimes nine busses to our property each day. We hop on the bus, welcome the guests from all over the continent, and carry their luggage to their room. We enjoy getting to know the bus groups, finding out where they're from, and establishing relationships with them so that if they ever return to Branson, they'll stop by and say, "Hi." We are looking forward to a full bus season complete with many smiling faces from all over the country. 

If you'd like experience fall in Branson, call our front desk to reserve your room; they're going fast!

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