The Price is Right LIVE

Beginning July 2 and running through December 29, The Price is Right, Live, will be taking place at the Welk Resort Theater. The entire Branson community is excited to host this special show that is sure to be lots of fun. The live show will be very similar to the television show, the main difference is that more than fifty audience members will be able to compete in the live show. 

If you plan to come to Branson this year, you'll definitely want to make The Price is Right, Live, a part of your vacation. Not only will tourists enjoy being a part of the show, but Branson residents will also be excited to have a chance to win prizes such as appliances and cars. 

For more information on The Price is Right, Live, please click here to be redirected to the Welk Resort Theater's website. 

Reserve your room at The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center for your trip to Branson to attend The Price is Right, Live!

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