Student Groups to Stone Castle

This past weekend, The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center hosted nine student groups. These students came from surrounding cities and states and most came to perform in one of the local Branson shows. Most of these students perform before the show starts, then they are able to join the audience during the show. 

These are very talented students; whether the sing, dance or play an instrument, all come to Branson to enjoy their time and showcase their talent. According to the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau's website,, "Branson is the fastest-growing student performance destination in America!" The Stone Castle is grateful to be apart of this rapidly growing group market. 

This weekend will see more student group arrivals to perform and play in Branson. If you would like to book your student or youth group's trip to Branson, simply call The Stone Castle's Group Sales Department at 417-231-4723. Joe, Rachael, and Marlene would love to help you plan your next trip!

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