Juke Box! Nickels! Poodle Skirts! Are you ready to rock around the clock?

The Fifties theme room will take you back to the decade of diners, sock hops, and Chevy’s. This fabulous suite features a pillow-top king bed, Jacuzzi tub, and sitting area, still with plenty of space to dance the night away!

If you'd like to book the Fifties suite for your next trip to Branson, call us at 800-677-6906 or ...

What hotel in Branson can you stay at that looks like these pictures? Nowhere but The Stone Castle! Why choose another ordinary hotel when you come to Branson? Why not choose the most unique and enchanting hotel in Branson? With more than 22,000 lodging options in Branson, what makes The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center the best choice for your Branson stay?

We are not a franchise. We have a local owner who is oftentimes on property, as he also serves as our General Manager. He has confidence in his management team and knows that they will take care of each guest of The...

We have been receiving many comments in the comment card box that guests leave for our general manager's review. Each day, our general manager pulls out the cards and culls through them. A large majority of these cards have wonderful comments that are very encouraging to our staff. These comments serve as motivators to keep doing a great job.

The following are some of the comments we have recently received:

"To Joe and Staff-
Thank you for making our stay here so delightful! It is a joy to work with a staff so friendly and caring."
This was a note left from one of...

Last week, a very sweet couple was married and held their wedding reception at The Stone Castle Hotel. The colors were eggplant purple and sage green, a beautiful combination. The menu consisted of Jambalaya, chicken enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish rice, brown rice, and spring rolls; a nod to the ethnicities represented by the joining of the two families. The guests enjoyed dinner, dancing, and delicious cakes, along with a sweet DVD created by the groom's mother that highlighted the couple's lives individually and together. 

Over the weekend, the Sales & Catering Manager...

The following letter was received by our Director of Sales yesterday. We are thankful for the sincere and heartfelt letter sent by this military association's president. 

"Dear Mr. Modglin,

On behalf of the members of the 589th Engineer Battalion Association (Vietnam) I want to thank you and the Hotel Staff for the service and hospitality during our reunion, September 15-18, 2011. 


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